The SDK, how does it work and whats in it.

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What does my tool-chain look like..

I personally use a "TI MSP-FET430UIF" or as printed on my box "MSP FETU430IF" - this product is discontinued - but any TI Jtag USB debug/coder interface should be usable.

As for development environment I use "Code Composer Studio 6.1.1" - all code are written in ANSI c, except the code from TI that works around a RTC flaw in the MCU.

When you order the SDK, your package will contain:
- InDiCo4
- USB Stick or link to the following:
- My complete software with all code - Code Composer project zipped.
- The latest .OUT file (Binary) to revert the InDiCo4 - just in case
- PDF of circut schematics and port overview for the MCU
- PDF for the LCD

I have chosen NOT to include documentation from Texas Instruments on the MSP430F5419a and alle other related PDF - they are better fetched from