InDiCo - Intelligent Dimmer Controller - storyline

Q1 2015 - Idea is born

Q2 2015 - Kickstarter campaign under construction

Q3 2015 - Prototype design and production under way

Q3 2015 - Google plus page added with updates at Google plus

Q3/Q4-2015 - a lot of code is written to make the InDiCo4 come to life

Q4 2015 - Kickstarter now live

2015-01-20 - is launched

2016-Q3 - InDiCo4 is living a quit life, with some updates along the way.


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Hi, a short storyline up till this date... Too late I searched for a domain name for InDiCo4, and luckily was available - so now this page is up and running.